Kenneth insulting the unemployed protesters in the third film

Kenneth Park is a character who pursues the same job that Harold Lee has. He is Korean like Harold. 

Kenneth is portrayed by Bobby Lee.

Kenneth very much respects and appreciates working for Harold, who becomes his boss in the third movie. He has an immature and childish personality, especially demonstrated in the third movie by taunting an angry mob of unemployed adults.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)Edit


While sitting next to Cindy Kim, Kenneth asked Harold what it's like to be an accountant, and when Harold was about to say, "awful" he quickly changed to "awesome". This relieved Kenneth as this made him go on to pursue a career in accounting.

Later on, he was giving out marijuana while being shirtless at the dance party in college. He told 2 girls to expose their breasts in front of him to get marijuana.

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)Edit

7 years after the events of the previous 2 films, it is revealed that Kenneth got the job as Harold's assistant as Harold became a businessman at Wall Street. Harold became successful through his high profile position and gets blamed for much of the poverty in New York. Kenneth claims that the unemployed protesters at Wall Street only have pathetic excuses to protest, stating that Wall Street does not support poor people. Harold opposes his opinion stating that he should feel sympathetic for them especially since it's Christmas. Kenneth offers him a giant VIVO 3D TV but Harold claims that 3D media has lost its' novelty. Kenneth then makes a 3D pose smiling and pointing his fingers out at the camera to state, "It's gonna be amazing!"

Kenneth then follows Harold who goes to nonchalantly and secretly sneak out of the angry mob. Because Kenneth got the mob's attention, he decides to digress the mob's attention from Harold towards himself by insulting them. He taunts them that he got a Christmas bonus and that they didn't, so the mob start pelting him with eggs. The first egg thrown at him was played in slow motion and was another 3D sequence. Kenneth screams when the first egg hits him and Harold is forced to run for it while Kenneth is pelted with much more and more eggs. Kenneth was left sticky in broken eggs as the mob ran past him and chased Harold.


  • He claims to dislike the 2009 science fiction film Avatar, directed by James Cameron, which became famous for its' 3D utilizing techniques.
  • Kenneth is the only character to appear in both the first and third movies but not the second. The restaurant White Castle followed the same pattern.