Trump's brother

Ron Fox is the Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security. He is the primary antagonist of Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. He is played by Rob Corddry.

Film Plot Edit

When Harold and Kumar's flight to Amsterdam reported a terrorist incident, he reported to the scene, where he finds that they're "North Korea and Al-Qaeda working together," then sends them to Guantanamo Bay. As the duo escaped, he initiated a manhunt, interrogating witnesses one by one, and looking for clues that will lead them to his two suspected fugitives. As Neil Patrick Harris drives the duo to Texas, he hid his contraband so that Ron doesn't know that he's smuggling the fugitives into Texas. However, Colton eventually turned the duo to the Homeland Security, knowing their plot to rebond with Vanessa. He then ships them back to Guantanamo, but as he listens to the music and ate his snacks, the duo took his advantage. Requesting for more water, Fox realized that the duo attempted to escape while he was not looking, and confronts them at gunpoint. Dr. Beecher, who also confronted Fox, accidentally opens the door, where they all fall towards the ground. He was last seen shooting furitless shots at the duo, unaware that he doesn't have a parachute. As the duo deploys the parachute, he falls to his death, firing numerous shots and yelling "Fuck youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!"

Acts of racism Edit

  • Hiring a "translator" that speaks a "fake Ching Chong language" for Harold and Kumar's parents.
  • Wiping his ass on a page of the Fifth Amendment.
  • Pouring grape soda on the ground in front of a black man (who didn't care about the soda spilling) that Fox suspected had information of Harold and Kumar's whereabouts
  • Mocked Harold for having weird eyes and handicapped for not looking white instead of assuming he is of East Asian ethnicity
  • Mockingly asked Kumar "Where's your Koran now?"