Seth Goldstein is a minor character in the Harold and Kumar series, who appeared in all 3 films. He is always seen with his friend Andy Rosenberg. He used to be Jewish in the first 2 films, but somewhere in the long gap between the 2nd and 3rd films he became a devout Christian which soured his friendship with Rosenberg.

(Left - Goldstein, Right - Rosenberg)Edit

1st FilmEdit

Rosenberg and Goldstein ignored Harold and Kumar's request to go to White Castle so that they can watch The Gift on HBO, but they were only interested in the movie because Katie Holmes appears naked and exposes her breasts in a scene. Goldstein makes a very exaggerated statement that he would eat would she defecates, which disgusts Rosenberg but Goldstein complains that Rosenberg has made vulgar, disgusting statements.

They did catch the scene of Katie Holmes naked with exposed breasts, but complain that it looks fake.

After Harold and Kumar get attacked by a rabid raccoon, they almost collided into Rosenberg and Goldstein when they were driving to Hot Dog Heaven.

2nd FilmEdit

The racist Head of Homeland Security Ron Fox finds out that Harold and Kumar had called Rosenberg and Goldstein for help. Ron Fox racially stereotypes Jews as doing anything to get money, and thinking that Harold and Kumar are terrorists and that Rosenberg and Goldstein knows it, he pours several coins of little value on the table next to the two. Goldstein complains that this is violating the United States Constitution 5th Amendment ("Government authority musn't abuse citizens") 

Ron ripped out the page that had the 5th amendment then used it in the same way as toilet paper, all smeared with his stools and then Ron gets the report of where Harold and Kumar could be after tapping Goldstein's phone. After Ron leaves, Goldstein and Rosenberg slide the coins towards themselves to put in their pockets.

3rd FilmEdit

Harold and Kumar have separated from Rosenberg and Goldstein for 6 years following the events of the previous 2 films combined. H&K were high on a drug that made them hallucinate being in a clay-animated world until Rosenberg and Goldstein tell them they should stop hallucinating and go for a late night meal at White Castle. Goldstein has married and now has a family of a wife and son.

At White Castle, Goldstein starts bragging about having converted to Christianity because he married a Christian woman and is freed from all the numerous restraints that Jews are forbidden from by religious beliefs such as fishing and hunting. Their friendship appears to have weakened greatly over religious differences yet they still have remained together during as well as in contrast to Harold and Kumar's separation.